Payment Security

With the rapid penetration of digital payment methods into our daily lives, cash could, in the not so distant future, find itself obsolete. With increasing digitisation however comes greater security needs. Our robust payment security services are tailored to your business’s requirements, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind across transactions of all kinds and magnitudes.

Card Production & Mailing

Whatever your requirement: whether credit, debit, prepaid or contactless cards, we provide card personalisation, production, cost-effective mailings, tracking and mail management. We help you achieve exceptional economies of scale in your production and minimize your OPEX.

EMV Consulting Services

The EMV standards are constantly changing, keeping banks, personalisation bureaus and processing centers on the run. We work closely with the regulators and the drivers of the technology in order to keep you customer ahead of the curve.

We assist in the vision, penetration and go-to-market strategy. Let us help you with the product selection, CPV and implementation of your new card products.

Not yet EMV?

Upgrading to an EMV network is extremely complex activity, necessitating fundamental changes in cards, ATMs, POS devices and payment back-office systems. We tackle these complexities and processes by leveraging our expertise in migrating to EMV environments. Whether you are at the start of your implementation or in the middle of it, we can guide you through each stage of your EMV journey.

Instant Issuing

Getting customers up and running quickly with a new payment card is the need of the hour in a digital world in which everyone wants everything NOW or INSTANTLY. We provide state of the art instant issuance solutions combining ease of use with a high level of security, which can also be used for emergency card replacement or standard debit/credit cards production.