Technical Services

Payment Security.

With the rapid penetration of digital payment methods into our daily lives, cash could, in the not so distant future, find itself obsolete. With increasing digitisation however comes greater security needs. Our robust payment security services are tailored to your business’s requirements, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind across transactions of all kinds and magnitudes.

Card production & mailing

Whatever your requirement: whether credit, debit, prepaid or contactless cards, we provide card personalisation, production, cost-effective mailings, tracking and mail management. We help you achieve exceptional economies of scale in your production and minimize your OPEX.

EMV Consulting Services

The EMV standards are constantly changing, keeping banks, personalisation bureaus and processing centers on the run. We work closely with the regulators and the drivers of the technology in order to keep you customer ahead of the curve.

We assist in the vision, penetration and go-to-market strategy. Let us help you with the product selection, CPV and implementation of your new card products.

Not yet EMV?

Upgrading to an EMV network is extremely complex activity, necessitating fundamental changes in cards, ATMs, POS devices and payment back-office systems. We tackle these complexities and processes by leveraging our expertise in migrating to EMV environments. Whether you are at the start of your implementation or in the middle of it, we can guide you through each stage of your EMV journey.

Instant Issuing

Getting customers up and running quickly with a new payment card is the need of the hour in a digital world in which everyone wants everything NOW or INSTANTLY. We provide state of the art instant issuance solutions combining ease of use with a high level of security, which can also be used for emergency card replacement or standard debit/credit cards production.

Web Designing

UI/UX design and enhancement

The internet is the primary mode of transacting business across the globe and an attractive, streamlined website can prove the most effective differentiator between you and your competitors. K2 is happy to help you develop user friendly designs using UI/UX that target showcase the best of your business on computers, mobiles or tablets. We accept no compromises in your website’s usability and strive to make it leave a mark on all who visit it.

Innovation via UI/UX

K2 has a strong team of UI/UX designers who strive to improve your website interface by leveraging the latest designs. We have a lab specifically allocated to product innovation and we work hard to make sure your websites have user friendly interfaces that enhance your users’ experience.

Web Management

We provide a number of services such as hosting, configuration & web management. We make sure all your data servers are up to date and well protected from malicious attacks. Our services ensure your server is patched, updated, and backed up consistently through 24/7 monitoring.

Web design & deployment

Our team offers web design as well as a range of web deployment services including installation and web application development.. We take pride in our clients’ thriving online presence and support them through innovative design principles and implementing technology to provide prompt technical support.

Software Development

Business Analysis

Identifying technical functional requirements of our clients and ensuring alignment between our software developers and client requirements is our prime objective. We help prioritise technical and functional requirements and work with your IT department to provide software that is user friendly and fit-for-purpose.

Development (Web/Desktop/Mobile)

A comprehensive presence across all existing technical platforms is essential for all businesses. K2 experts provide front-end and angular JS development services, ensuring compatibility with external technologies and web services. Ours is a detailed approach to software development across a variety of platforms to develop world class user experience, anywhere, anytime.

Custom Solution Architecture

Our aim is to bring your ideas to life. We create solutions to help you design and implement secure, user friendly interfaces that meet the requirements of your customers. Our architects carry a wealth of expertise that saves our clients a considerable amount of time and money at every stage of the developmental process.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Due to the exponential rise in a number of hackers in the internet space, solutions to ensure identification of errors or bugs in a software is very important to any company which has to ensure its clients have a safe environment for business dealings. Identifying bugs and errors in software is critical to maintain secure online business transactions. We use our expertise to consistently test software for weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities. We accept no compromises in ensuring you are protected from hackers and system failures.

Operations Management

Business Process

In today’s business environment, more often than not, there may arise a requirement to treat the whole business operation as a process by itself to remain competitive in the ever changing marketplace. We offer various dedicated time-tested process solutions to manage variously structured activities which contribute towards converting an input into an output in a business process.

It is essential to adopt a process perspective towards business operations in order to remain competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace. Our robust and time-tested process solutions help our clients manage various activities in the business process.


The benefits of design optimization are immense, spanning waste reduction, man and machine-hour optimisation, and increased productivity that will directly impact the bottom line. Our services span the application of the latest optimisation tools to your projects, design parameters, and manufacturing processes.

Change management (Steering & implementation).

With businesses becoming ever evolving due to fierce competition and changing market dynamics, change management is a topic every business has to embrace now or later to remain competitive and profitable in the marketplace. We provide consultancy in all spheres of change management from conception, steering and implementation of the new ideas. Change management is no longer a niche requirement of select businesses. Fierce competition and unpredictable market dynamics necessitate appropriate change management methodologies across businesses in all sectors. Our experts are happy to assist your business in all spheres of change management and help it boost profitability and raise the bar in an ever-evolving marketplace.